The Taurus Parent

* Throw out those parenting manuals, Taurus! As the most grounded and naturally nurturing of all the Star Signs, you’ll do a great job of raising your kids by just following your gut instincts.

* Nobody is more capable of producing physically healthy, emotionally stable and psychologically well adjusted children than a Taurus parent and the secret of their success lies in their traditional, hands-on approach. Taureans have no interest in progressive, ‘right-on’ parenting techniques, preferring to care for their youngsters in simple, time-honored ways. They know that a wholesome upbringing – based on nourishing, regular meals, plenty of fresh air, and a calm and happy domestic environment – is all a child needs to do well in life.

* But while Taureans are great at no-frills parenting, they’re not generally capable of any kind of deep psychological insights into what’s going on inside their children’s minds. They prefer not to get drawn into discussing controversial topics and are uncomfortable having to confront emotionally charged issues. Which is fine for a child who is as practically minded as they are, but a little frustrating for one who has more complex needs.

* The Taurus mother is an archetypal ‘Earth Mother’, who is perfectly suited by temperament and inclination to bringing up children in a loving and efficient way. Kind-hearted, affectionate and endlessly patient, one of your few weaknesses is your tendency to over-indulge your kids in the desire to make them happy. If like many Taureans you have a sense of ownership of your children, you can also be rather over-possessive at times.

* The Taurus father’s chief priority is providing well for his children’s material needs. At his best he is the epitome of the dependability, consistency and solid stability every kid needs to feel truly secure and well protected. Inevitably though, this is also coupled with a high degree of inflexibility and stubbornness which creates friction in his relationships with his children when they won’t do as he says.

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