The Scorpio Parent

* Scorpios are known for their all-or-nothing approach to life. So when it comes to parenting, they’ll either give it their total, full-on commitment, or they’ll give it a complete miss. Half-hearted or part-time Scorpio parents are very few and far between. More likely they will go to the other extreme and become so fixated on getting it right that they risk turning into control freaks, too scared to allow their children a little free rein.

* What makes a Scorpio parent really special is their high level of emotional intelligence which enables them to accurately understand what’s going on in their children’s hearts and minds even from a very early age. It’s impossible for a kid to pull the wool over their Scorpio parent’s eyes to get their own way, because their powerful psychic antennae will quickly home in on a youngster’s secrets and lies.

* A Scorpio parent’s steadfast nature makes them very reliable and consistent about keeping promises and implementing rules. If you’re a Scorpio, the good news is that you’re possibly the most loyal and eternally devoted of all parents, whose unbreakable bond with your children enables you to stand by them, come what may. Alongside all this of course, you don’t bend very readily, even when doing so would make everyone’s life much easier, including your own. Your inflexibility is your biggest potential weak point, which you will need to address by learning to be more willing to let go.

* The Scorpio mother believes in keeping a careful eye on her children, perhaps even to the point of micro-managing every aspect of their little lives. The risk here is that, especially as they get older, the kids will experience her as overly intrusive and interfering and will be held back from developing their own independence.

* The Scorpio father comes in two varieties. The first sets about gaining his children’s obedience by ruling them with an iron rod. The second has the wisdom to realize that playing the power card will only serve to make your children resent you and is the very worst way to try to win their love.

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