The Sagittarius Parent

* Because they fill their kids’ lives with so much joy, laughter and exuberant enthusiasm for life, Sagittarians make wonderful parents! A Sagittarius knows how to make just about anything good fun, and that includes bringing up children. Their outstanding optimism, which makes them largely immune to worries about what might go wrong, creates a happy atmosphere in the home and instils their offspring with lots of confidence. But if their laid-back attitude goes too far, they can be rather cavalier about their kids’ safety, and perhaps even a little neglectful.

* Giving their children a good, broad-based education is important to a Sagittarius, but their focus will be on teaching a youngster how to think for themselves rather than indoctrinating them with their own belief systems. An enlightened Sagittarius parent allows their kids the freedom to argue vigorously against their parents’ opinions and will never rebuke them for speaking their own mind.

* Sagittarian parents aren’t generally strict disciplinarians: they don’t want to cramp their kids’ style any more than they want their children to cramp theirs!  In many cases they’re happy to laugh off a youngster’s misbehavior, the one exception being if they’re guilty of cheating or lying. The one thing a Sagittarius won’t tolerate in their children is dishonesty.

* The Sagittarius mother who is typical of her Star Sign will take a bright and breezy approach to child rearing, encouraging her kids to be strong and courageous and follow in her footsteps by developing their independence at an early age. She’s unlikely to be a natural born nurturer, and although she expresses her affection for her children very warmly and demonstratively, she may be lacking in the high level of emotional empathy and understanding needed to form a close maternal bond with them.

* At his best, the Sagittarius father will awaken his child’s spirit of adventure, starting early on by reading them heroic tales of derring-do, and when they’re a little older by taking them on exciting trips and vacations. At his worst, his own love of adventure and personal desire for freedom may come before his responsibilities to his kids, preventing him from being there for them as much as he really needs to be.

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