The Libra Parent

* Libras make easygoing parents who aim to make raising children as happy and harmonious as possible both for themselves and for the kids. Since their main focus is maintaining the peace in the household and avoiding upsetting arguments and confrontations, they don’t make a big deal of their offspring’s little misdemeanors and are fairly lax on discipline. As long as they can keep everyone smiling, they know they’re doing a good job!

* Because Libra’s symbol is the Scales of Balance, parents born under this Star Sign will try their best to treat their kids fairly, equably and with the utmost even-handedness. Showing favoritism to one youngster over and above another is repugnant to them and they would hate to feel they have behaved in any way unjustly or unreasonably towards any child in their care.

* Because they see their children as intelligent little adults in the making, they’re keen to cultivate their friendship from an early age and seek their input in family decision making (with which they could certainly use some help since personally they’re so indecisive!). Libra parents are rather less competent when handling babies and infants, coming more into their own once the kids have learned to talk and they can relate to them at a mental rather than an emotional level.

* The Libra mother’s outstanding counseling and listening skills mean she’s her kids’ go-to person for daily guidance and advice. Sometimes though, she can be a little disingenuous, preferring to tell the children what they want to hear and will make them happy, rather than the less appealing grim truth. If you’re a Libra mother, sweeping unpleasant realities under the rug, when they actually need to be brought out into the open, may be your parenting Achilles heel.

* The Libra father is an exceptionally kind and understanding dad. But he can also be a bit of a pushover due to his reluctance to upset his little darlings and inability to just say no. Unless he toughens up a bit, he will be encouraging an unhealthy sense of entitlement in his children, who will grow up always expecting everything to fall into their lap without any effort on their part.

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