The Capricorn Parent

* Capricorns stand head and shoulders above most other parents in terms of their dependability, their trustworthiness, and their willingness to whole-heartedly devote themselves to supporting their kids. While they may not express their parental affection as warmly and openly as some, they excel in proving their love for their children through concrete actions, not just sentimental words. 

* Capricorn parents tend to be quite strict disciplinarians. Because they instinctively understand that in order to feel safe and well cared for, children need structure and stability, they will make a point of setting clear boundaries which the kids know they’re not allowed to breach. In this way they help their children get used to conforming to necessary rules and limitations, and thus prepare them well for dealing with authority figures at school and at work.

* A Capricorn won’t enter lightly into parenthood, and will work equally hard at doing a good job of it as in every other area of their life. Their key weakness is that they can sometimes turn their own and their children’s lives into all work and no play. A wise Capricorn parent won’t project their own workaholic tendencies onto their kids and will make a point of providing them with plenty of fun and relaxation.

* The Capricorn mother takes her child rearing responsibilities extremely seriously. So much so that she’s often so weighed down by the burdens of parenting, and so fearful of making mistakes that she denies herself the true joys of motherhood. If she can just lighten up a little, she will create a much happier home environment for the whole family.

* The Capricorn father will typically be equally ambitious for his offspring as he is for himself, and will strive to make good material provision for their future success, even if that means working long hours that leave him little time or energy for his home life. If the kids do well and make him proud, to him it’s all worth it. But if in spite of all his efforts they mess up or drop out, he’ll feel they’ve failed to fulfil their duties to him in the way he has fulfilled his to them.

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