The Aries Parent

* Being a parent may not come particularly naturally to the average Aries, but they have everything that’s needed to make a great job of it!

* If you’re an Aries you’ll probably be the first to admit that learning to put your own needs on one side in order to care for a helpless little kid represents quite a big challenge for someone like you, who is so used to seeing yourself as the center of your universe. Because freedom is your life blood, to be a happy parent – and thus raise a happy child – you’ll need to retain at least some degree of personal independence.

* Your parenting strengths lie in your energy, your positivity and your talent for teaching your kids to be strong and self-reliant. Your children will love the way you always say what you mean and mean what you say, although they won’t be so keen on your no-holds-barred outbursts. But at least your anger dies down quickly, and you don’t hold on to grudges. Life for the kids of an Aries parent may be rather unpredictable at times, but it’s never lacking in excitement!

* The Aries mother is often quite restless and impatient by nature, and if so she will have to work hard at slowing down her pace and cultivating the tolerance and sticking power needed to be a good nurturer. If her kids aren’t quite as emotionally robust as she is, she will have to be careful not to appear too insensitive and uncaring.

* The Aries father always does a better job if he waits to have kids until he has ‘sown his wild oats’ and developed the necessary maturity required to fully commit to family life. Then he can approach raising his children with all of his usual enthusiasm and gusto, instilling them with his love of action and adventure and showing them how to stand up for themselves by awakening their positive warrior energy.

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