Virgo Parent and Virgo Child

* As the Virgo parent of a Virgo child, you’ll find it easy to understand where they’re coming from since you have so many personality traits in common and share a very similar outlook on life.  But in some ways you’re actually too alike for your own good!

* Your analytical nature and keen eye for detail are two of the most important traits you have passed onto your Virgo child. While these mainly serve you both well, when overdone they make you prone to constantly pointing out each other’s mistakes and failings, which creates an atmosphere of tension and hostility between you.

* Bearing in mind that your Virgo child will inevitably follow your example, try to be a parental role model for tolerance and approval, rather than constant nit-picking. Since both of you are your own worst self-critic, you don’t need the other telling you where you could do better.

* If you’re a Virgo mother, you’re well organized, conscientious and sensible – down to earth qualities your Virgo child will mirror and thank you for. Fortunately for you, they’re also likely to have inherited your emotional self-containment, so your cool-natured, undemonstrative nurturing style suits them just fine.

* If you’re a Virgo father, you instinctively encourage a strong work ethic in your children. But in the case of your Virgo child this is neither appropriate nor helpful. They’re already the most industrious child in the Zodiac, and if you push them too hard you risk turning them into a burned-out workaholic!

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