Virgo Parent and Libra Child

* As the Virgo parent of a Libra child, you will often reflect on just how different this youngster seems to be to you. Yet, as in any parent-child relationship, it’s the contrasts – not the similarities – between the two of you that will help you to learn the most from each other.

* Like most Virgo parents, you want your kids to be sensible, well behaved and nicely mannered, and in all those respects your Libra child doesn’t disappoint. Because pleasing you is their chief priority, you’ll find little to pick fault with in this cooperative youngster. That’s just as well because criticism is something that’s quite alien and upsetting to them.

* Although your Libra child has inherited your intelligence and powers of analysis, they don’t share your perfectionist mindset and obsession with everything being just right. Instinctively they turn a blind eye to others’ mistakes and shortcomings and always try to find something nice and complimentary to say. Virgo, take note!

* If you’re the Virgo mother of a Libra child, this youngster’s laid-back, unhurried approach is the ideal antidote to your busy-busy, hyperactive lifestyle. You’ll find this happy little kid keeps your worries in check and your nerves in good shape with their belief that ‘all’s well with the world’.

* Slothfulness is a failing a Virgo father won’t tolerate in his kids, and he’ll do his utmost to correct any hint of laziness on the part of his Libra child. Whether or not he is successful depends on how well he’s able to resist their manipulative charm. Libra youngsters are little masters of getting out of the things they don’t want to do!

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