Virgo Parent and Aries Child

* As the Virgo parent of an Aries child, you’ll find training this lovably headstrong youngster to follow your high standards is a very tough task indeed!

* What happens when you match an analytical, super-careful Virgo parent with a spontaneous, devil-may-care child like a little Aries? To avoid a lot of fallings-out, you’ll have to work hard at controlling your critical nature Virgo, since there will be much about your Aries child to potentially find fault with.

* Accepting from the start that this adorable little firecracker is very different to you, and celebrating rather than regretting that differentness is the best way to create a harmonious parent-child relationship. Focusing on the strengths your Aries child embodies but which you’re lacking is more constructive than looking at things the other way round.

* If you’re a Virgo mother, training your kids to be clean, tidy and well behaved comes instinctively to you. Pity then, that your maverick Aries child has no interest in being any of these things! Because domestic order is so important to you, you’ll spend a lifetime trying to house-train your little Ram. But probably without much success!

* If you’re the Virgo father of an Aries child, this noisy, boisterous and perhaps rather hyperactive kid poses a threat to your tranquil, carefully organized routine. Finding a quiet spot to get away from the endless hubbub will be essential. So too will be trying not to despair over their impulsiveness and lack of attention to detail. Instead make a point of teaching them always to think before they act, just like you do.

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