Taurus Parent and Pisces Child

* As the Taurus parent of a Pisces child, your most important priority will be coming to terms with this touchingly vulnerable youngster’s extreme sensitivity.

* Don’t ever assume, Taurus, that your Pisces child is going to be a little clone of yourself, who looks at life in the same way as you and whose thoughts and feelings largely mirror your own. True, they have the same aura of gentleness and kindness about them, but these qualities run deeper in them than in you. Because you have a much tougher core than your soft-hearted Pisces child, you’re unlikely to put others’ needs before your own in the way that they often tend to do.

* The bottom line is that while you’re one of the most worldly wise and materially astute of all the Star Signs, this youngster is by far the least. While getting on in life and achieving financial security is an important priority for you, money matters much less to them and their ambitions are of a more creative and spiritual kind.

* If you’re the pragmatic Taurus father of an idealistic Pisces child, getting their head out of the clouds, tethering their feet to the ground, and teaching them the basic economics of survival will probably become your chief concern.

* If you’re a Taurus mother, be aware that showing your Pisces child you love them involves caring for their emotional, as well as their physical needs. They’ll enjoy your kisses and cuddles, but make sure they’re more than just skin deep.

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