Taurus Parent and Libra Child

* As a Taurus parent of a Libra child, you are blessed with one of the most harmonious and close-knit of all family relationships!

* Stunning good looks, buckets of charm and to top it all a sweet loving nature. You have passed on all these enviable assets to your Libra child. Now your responsibility is to teach this kid to use them fairly and responsibly, rather than just to get what they want out of other people.

* Has your Libra child also inherited your lazy streak? For sure, they’re likely to share your laid-back, easygoing outlook on life. Whether this also means they will try to get away with doing as little as possible depends on how good a role model you are for a strong work ethic. If you’re one of those Taureans who is prone to idleness and hedonism, your Libra child won’t hesitate to follow your example.

* If you’re a Taurus father, to avoid your Libra child growing up expecting others always to provide for their needs, you’ll want to show them the importance of working hard in order to make money and get on in life. Make them earn their allowance by doing little jobs and don’t over-indulge them because they’re so cute and adorable.

* If you’re a Taurus mother of a Libra child, you’ll create a domestic haven of calm, beauty and tranquility in which this peace loving youngster can grow up with the reassuring sense that ‘all’s right with the world’, which they need to feel emotionally secure and confident. What a lucky kid!

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