Taurus Parent and Aries Child

* As the Taurus parent of an Aries child, your practicality and stability are just what are needed to ensure this impressively energetic, strong-willed youngster stays safely in line!

* When there are major differences between a child’s personality and their parent’s it’s not always a problem – and sometimes actually a big blessing. Indeed a hyperactive kid like Aries often does best with a calm and steady Earth sign parent who will keep their impatient little feet firmly planted on the ground.

* If you’re the Taurus mother of an Aries child you’re ideally suited to dealing with the little temper tantrums this youngster may be prone to both as a toddler and again during their teenage years. As one of the most tolerant of all Star Sign mothers, you’ll rarely lose your cool and will firmly stick to your guns, come what may. Your placid, laid-back Taurean temperament is the perfect antidote to your Aries child’s over-excitability.

* If you’re a Taurus father, teaching your child to responsibly handle the physical and material aspects of life will be particularly important in the case of your little Aries. Because their inborn impetuosity inclines them towards taking foolish risks that can easily end badly, they need your steadying presence to keep them on the right track.

* By nature a Taurus parent likes an unchanging household routine without any unwelcome surprises. In contrast an Aries child prefers to be spontaneous and live in the moment. Achieving some kind of workable compromise between these two extremes is the key to maintaining domestic harmony.

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