Scorpio Parent and Virgo Child

* As the Scorpio parent of a Virgo child, you make an exceptionally smart and high-achieving family team, but your weak point is that you’re both likely to be rather obsessive.

* Exceptionally high standards and an intensely analytical mind are the key traits you have passed on to your Virgo child. Not surprisingly, in your efforts always to be the best, you can also both get rather overly one-track-minded and fixated.

* But the main difference between you is that while you’re just as much of a perfectionist as your little Virgo, you don’t worry like they do about getting things wrong or being judged as not good enough. Since your self-belief is far greater than theirs, you know you have everything it takes to overcome all the obstacles in your path. Instilling your Virgo child with some of your outstanding confidence is one of the best ways you can help them.

* If you’re the Scorpio mother of a Virgo child, you make a great counsellor for this anxiety-prone youngster. Although psychologically you’re much steadier than them, your Water sign sensitivity allows you to empathize with what makes them so uptight and know just what to say to calm their fragile nerves.

* If you’re a Scorpio father, you’re a very driven and hard working role model for your kids. But your Virgo child doesn’t actually need any further encouragement along these lines since they’re already their own toughest taskmaster. What they really need from you is training in how to relax, de-stress and stop being way too intense. Perhaps you’d benefit from some of that too!

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