Scorpio Parent and Taurus Child

* As the Scorpio parent of a Taurus child, you share a particularly close, yet at the same time highly challenging relationship.

* Your Taurus child is a formidably solid little creature who has inherited your physical strength and your psychological toughness. You’ll be proud of the way, just like you, they battle their way through even the most daunting of difficulties, never complaining and never even contemplating giving up. Quitting is forbidden in this family!

* Your stickability is one of your finest shared qualities, but it also has its downside. Both of you have a very stubborn side which makes it hard for you to easily make concessions in the event of disagreements or come to a reasonable compromise. When  your Taurus child locks horns with you, disengaging and walking away will call for a lot of positive willpower on your part.

* If you’re the Scorpio mother of a Taurus child, don’t try to over-complicate your relationship with this supremely grounded and straightforward child. Because they’re born under an Earth sign while you’re a highly sensitive Water sign, emotionally they’re a lot less complex than you. Probing too deeply into their feelings can be simply too much for this pragmatic little kid.

* If you’re the Scorpio father of a Taurus child, power struggles will be the order of the day until you give up trying to manipulate this single-minded youngster into following your ways. Instead leave them to do their own thing, in their own time and at their own (sometimes infuriatingly slow) pace.

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