Scorpio Parent and Scorpio Child

* As the Scorpio parent of a Scorpio child, yours is a deeply attached and unusually intense relationship which may go through many ups and downs over the course of time.

* Because your Scorpio child has inherited your extreme sensitivity - together with your sharp tongue - it’s incredibly easy for the two of you to hurt each other. Because you know from personal experience just how deep this kid’s feelings run, do your best never to injure them.

* Despite their mutual loyalty and devotion, the truth is that a Scorpio parent and child will always have a kind of love-hate relationship. Throughout their lives one minute they’ll be each other’s best friend and the next each other’s worst enemy!  

* If you’re the Scorpio mother of a Scorpio child, you’ll recognize many of your own emotional insecurities in them. Jealousy can be just as much of a problem for your Scorpio child as it has been for you. But by encouraging them to open up about their fears and resentments, rather than holding them in, you’ll help take the sting out of their negative feelings.  

* If you’re a Scorpio father of a Scorpio child, relinquishing the need for control is a life challenge for both of you. Whenever you find yourself engaged in a power struggle with this strong willed youngster, set them a good example of how to step back and let go in the interests of loving cooperation. Don't be a bullying role model, or they'll grow up copying your ways!

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