Scorpio Parent and Sagittarius Child

* As the Scorpio parent of a Sagittarius child, you’ll find this youngster is so different to yourself, you sometimes think they’re from another planet! But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a very good parent-child relationship, provided you handle it right.

* Let’s start with something your Sagittarius child has inherited from you, which is their avid dislike for posers, cheats and liars. Like you, when this youngster is confronted with any kind of dishonesty or hypocrisy, they can be very bluntly and cruelly outspoken. Problems only arise when you turn your outspokenness against each other.

* But at the same time there’s an openness and transparency about your little Sagittarius which they certainly haven’t acquired from you. Sometimes you wish they would play their cards closer to their chest, like you do. But caution and self control aren’t in their nature since for them life is all about freedom of self-expression.

* If you’re the Scorpio mother of a little Sagittarius, forging the strong bond with your child you consider so important may require some effort on your part. Try not to be too serious or intense in your interactions with them. They will love you much more when you make them laugh and don’t make too many emotional demands of them.

* If you’re the play-it-safe Scorpio father of a risk-loving Sagittarius child, taming this wild child’s strong gambling instincts won’t be easy. It will be even harder still if you’re too authoritarian and try to control them by striking fear into them. Because a little Sagittarian fears nobody, not even their Scorpio daddy, you’ll only make them even more rebellious.

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