Scorpio Parent and Pisces Child

* As the Scorpio parent of a Pisces child, you should enjoy a very loving and close-knit relationship, based on your ability to relate to this youngster’s extreme sensitivity in a way few others can.

* Although both of you are wired to respond emotionally to life, your Pisces child hasn’t inherited your tough inner core. Unlike you, they’re not very good at keeping their vulnerable feelings under control. Standing up to aggressors is also much harder for them since they weren’t born with your strong warrior spirit.

* Training your Pisces child to develop more grit and backbone will represent a key part of your parenting role. But be careful never to imply they’re weak or ineffective: your job is to build up their fragile self-esteem, not to tear it down. Fortunately you have the right kind of empathy and understanding to do just that.

* Pisces kids hate to be pinned down and often have a problem with truthfulness, which is exacerbated by a nosey Scorpio mother’s desire to know every single little detail about their life. If you don’t want your little Fish to feel the need to hide things from you, allow them the same kind of privacy that has always been important to you.

* If you’re the Scorpio father of a Pisces child, your main focus will be on preparing this sweet natured kid to cope with the harsh realities of life without becoming disheartened or getting unfairly taken advantage of. But don’t be tempted into fighting all their battles on their behalf. They have to learn to manage on their own.

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