Scorpio Parent and Libra Child

* As the Scorpio parent of a Libra child, in some ways the two of you may seem miles apart. But as the years go by, your ability to talk to each other in a far more intimate and wide-ranging way than many other parent-child combos will draw you much closer together.

* There are, of course, some key differences between you and your Libra child. Most importantly, they’ve been born with a much more relaxed and easygoing, shall we even say lazy, approach to life.

* Certainly, they’re not as driven or obsessive as you, mainly because they’re too indecisive to ever know what they really want! While you’re someone who often enjoys going to extremes, your Libra child prefers to walk the middle road.

* If you’re the Scorpio mother of a Libra child, you’ll soon realize their personality is rather weaker than your own. Sometimes you’ll feel they give in too quickly and are too easily dissuaded from their point of view – and it’s true that they haven’t inherited your strength of will. Teaching them to say ‘no’ when necessary, and really mean it, will help to prevent them getting bullied or pushed around.

* If you’re a Scorpio father, your Libra child’s procrastinating ways are likely to get on your nerves at times. For sure, they need a push in life, and you’re the right person to provide it. Be careful though, not to treat them too severely. Harsh words, even when kindly meant, are deeply wounding to this gentle little soul.

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