Scorpio Parent and Aries Child

* As the Scorpio parent of an Aries child, you have quite a challenge on your hands! Although in many ways the two of you are very different, what you do share in common is an exceptionally strong will and a fierce desire to get your own way.

* You’ll be so proud of your brave little Aries, and the spunky way they deal with challenging situations that would have most other kids running scared. Everyone can see they’ve inherited your strong warrior energy, but you’ll notice their fighting style is rather different to your own.

* When your Aries child wants something they go after it all guns blazing – and if they can’t get it they’ll scream the house down. Unlike you, they don’t know how to keep their powder dry and save their energy until it’s really needed. As a result they’re prone to premature burn-out, while you can keep going till the cows come home!

* If you’re the Scorpio mother of an Aries child, try always to be very direct and forthcoming in your relationship with them, just as they are with you. It’s a mistake to keep secrets from this supremely straightforward youngster and you’ll lose their trust and respect if you hide important stuff from them. 

* If you’re a Scorpio father, your job is to discourage your Aries child from blindly rushing in where angels fear to tread and teach them a few basic planning and strategy skills. That way you’ll help them to develop more sticking power – one of your finest qualities but one they’re likely to be lacking in.

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