Sagittarius Parent and Sagittarius Child

* As the Sagittarius parent of a Sagittarius child, you’ll find you’re very much two of a kind! While this means both of you readily understand where the other is coming from, it also creates some possible problems you’ll need to take into account in raising this adventurous, freedom loving youngster.

* Your little Sagittarius was born with a burning compulsion always to tell the unadorned truth – a trait further reinforced in them every day by observing you fearlessly speaking your own mind. Certainly, you’ll always know where you stand with each other. But when your home truths cut too deep, sparks will fly!

* Because they share your maverick outlook on life, your Sagittarius child isn’t afraid to disobey orders when freedom calls. Maybe you’ll turn a bind eye when they break the house rules. But if they’re also misbehaving at school, you’ll need to step up and play the hated role of strict disciplinarian.

* If you’re the Sagittarius mother of a Sagittarius child, giving them a good moral education is important to you. But this isn’t a kid who actually needs to be taught the difference between right and wrong. Even when tiny they have their own inborn philosophy of life and a wisdom that belies their years.

* If you’re a Sagittarius father, you’re not a stay-home kind of dad, but that’s okay if you take your Sagittarius child with you on your travels and adventures. It’s your job to show them how to have fun exploring the world, even if initially that’s just a trip to the park. The key thing is to get them out of the house: being cooped up brings out their naughty side!

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