Sagittarius Parent and Pisces Child

* As the Sagittarius parent of a Pisces child, you may have to develop some parenting techniques that don’t come very naturally to you, because this sensitive youngster’s personality is in many ways the opposite to your own.

* What happens when you match an outspoken, fairly thick-skinned Sagittarius parent with a shy and easily hurt Pisces child? Well, either the parent will have to learn to think more carefully before they speak, or the child will have to learn to toughen up. In this case, probably a little bit of each.

* If you’re the Sagittarius mother of a Pisces child, you’re not a natural born nurturer and therefore not ideally suited to raising a kid who needs more maternal caring and support than most. Your unsentimental, bright and breezy mothering style will need softening a little, and you’ll need to show more patience and empathy in responding to their worries and concerns.

* If you’re a Sagittarius father, you can’t afford to neglect your paternal responsibilities to your Pisces child, because unless you keep a close eye on them they’re at risk of losing their way in the big bad world.

* Nobody’s asking you to be a strict disciplinarian, since that’s a role that doesn’t come easily to you. What you can do though, is teach them the moral guidelines so important to you, and pass on the vast array of wisdom you’ve learned from your lessons in the university of life.

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