Sagittarius Parent and Cancer Child

* As the Sagittarius parent of a Cancer child, the first thing to understand is that they’re cut from a rather different cloth to yourself. While you’ve always been very adventurous by nature, your little Crab is an exceptionally cautious creature who will take a long time to stand on their own feet.

* Being a wanderer at heart, having a secure domestic base may never have been a top priority for you. But for your Cancer child it’s quite the opposite. Putting down firm roots is essential for their psychological wellbeing and they hate straying too far from home.

* Creating a happy and stable family life for your Cancer child is your key parenting responsibility Sagittarius, but one that may not come easily to you. If you thought raising kids wouldn’t involve giving up your freedom, think again. Because a little Cancerian is among the most needy and vulnerable of all children, part time parenting doesn’t suit them at all.

* As the bright and breezy Sagittarius mother of a sensitive Cancer child, you typically cope with their emotional ups and downs by cheering them up and making them laugh. But unless you’re also able to show a little tenderness and empathy, they’re likely to feel rather short-changed on motherly caring.  

* If you’re a Sagittarius father, be aware that your Cancer child requires far more hand-holding and protection than you have ever personally needed. Don’t try to embolden them by throwing them in at the deep end or they’ll end up drowning.  You have to help them take baby steps towards developing more personal strength and courage.

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