Pisces Parent and Virgo Child

* As the Pisces parent of a Virgo child, you have a youngster who has inherited the very best of your giving, unselfish nature, but also has a rather more down to earth head on their little shoulders.

* Helping others comes just as naturally to your Virgo child as it does to you, but their pragmatic outlook means that unlike you, they would never allow themselves to be taken advantage of. Don’t make a doormat of yourself in your efforts to be the perfect parent because they’re unlikely to respect you for it.

* A tendency to be rather overly humble and self-deprecating runs in the family! Like you, your Virgo child has high personal standards which they constantly feel they fall short of, and even when they have done something really well, they tend to downplay it. Don’t let them follow your example by setting the bar too high for themselves and underselling their achievements.

* If you’re the Pisces mother of a Virgo child, try not to feel disappointed by this cool little character’s lack of demonstrative affection. It doesn’t mean they don’t love you; it’s just that they’re more emotionally self-contained than you and they haven’t inherited your sentimental nature.

* If you’re a Pisces father, don’t assume that in offering your Virgo child your unconditional emotional support, you’re giving them everything they need from you.  More than this, they want you to support them in practical ways and to prove your love for them by what you do, not just what you say.

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