Pisces Parent and Sagittarius Child

* As the Pisces parent of a Sagittarius child, you can identify strongly with this kid’s powerful imagination and noble spirit of adventure!

* An ordinary, run of the mill existence won’t suit your little Archer any more than it suits you. Like you they want to do something really inspiring with their life, and it all starts with those tales of magical derring-do you’ll be reading to them every night at bedtime.

* You’re both big dreamers but because your Sagittarius child has more confidence and energy than you, they’re more likely to turn their grand visions into reality. Their footloose tendencies will make themselves felt from a very early age, as will their contempt for rules and must-do’s. You’ll have a hard time reining in this independent little maverick who will always go their own way in life, regardless of your fears for their safety.

* If you’re the Pisces mother of a Sagittarius child, you’ll soon realize they haven’t inherited your powers of empathy and sensitivity. Because their blunt outspokenness can be hurtful to other people (you included), teaching this fiery youngster to be more considerate of others’ feelings and to think before they speak is your key role here.

* If you’re a Pisces father, disciplining your kids probably doesn’t come easily to you. But unless you’re able to overcome your soft-heartedness and lay down the law rather more forcefully, you risk allowing your freedom loving little Sagittarius to run out of control.

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