Pisces Parent and Gemini Child

* As the Pisces parent of a Gemini child, you may often feel puzzled and confused by this highly logical youngster’s unfamiliar behavior.

* The vital thing to understand is that because your Gemini child is a cool and collected Air sign while you’re an emotionally sensitive Water sign, their outlook on life is more head-centered while yours is more heart-centered. As a result they can rationalize and throw off worries and hurts that trouble you at a much deeper level.

* Your emotional intelligence is one of your finest qualities, Pisces, but not something your Gemini child has necessarily inherited from you. More likely, they’re blessed with a different, strictly logical type of intelligence which relies more on facts than on feelings. If some of your empathy can rub off on them, and they can teach you to think a little more rationally, you’ll balance each other well.

* If you’re the Pisces mother of a Gemini child, you’ll need to be careful not to smother this emotionally independent youngster with too much gooey sentimentality. They don’t want you to baby them in the way you might like to do: they want you to treat them like a little adult, as befits their high level of intelligence.

* If you’re a Pisces father, your freedom loving Gemini child won’t take long to discover you’re a big softie they can easily talk into letting them break all the rules. That’s unlikely to worry you too much though. Because they make you laugh so much and are such fun to be with, you’ll let them get away with almost anything!

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