Pisces Parent and Capricorn Child

* As the Pisces parent of a little Capricorn, you’re going to have to re-evaluate some of your basic child-raising ideas to meet this down to earth kid’s needs!

* If you’re a typical Pisces, your main parenting strength lies in your unconditional love for your kids. But when it comes to fulfilling your practical responsibilities you may sometimes fail to live up to your Capricorn child’s high expectations.

* The most important thing to understand here is that your little Goat is a more feet-on-the-ground and worldly wise creature than you. Even as a small kid they have a far more realistic take on life, are far more materially ambitious, and in that sense are far more ‘grown up’ than you may ever have been.

 * If you’re the Pisces mother of a Capricorn child, coming to terms with the fact that they haven’t inherited your soft-hearted, openly affectionate nature, and are actually quite an emotionally independent and undemonstrative kind of youngster may require quite a lot of adjustment on your part. Never stop showering them with your love, though. They need it far more than they give to believe.

* If you’re a Pisces father, to earn the hard-to-win respect of your Capricorn child, you’ll need to step up to your fatherly duties of bringing in the money, funding their education and helping them to achieve their career goals. If you doubt your ability to fulfill any of these big asks, it’s time to get your head out of the clouds and start working on them right now!

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