Libra Parent and Virgo Child

* As the Libra parent of a Virgo child, you may often reflect on just how different this youngster seems to be to you. Yet it’s the contrasts – not the similarities – between you that will help you to learn the most from each other.

* A Libra parent’s laidback, easygoing personality is just what’s needed to counterbalance a Virgo child’s nervous, self-critical mindset. As someone who doesn’t sweat the small stuff, you will gently remind this perfectionist youngster that their health and happiness are more important than fretting over getting every single little detail right.

* Because keeping the peace is a key priority for you, you’ll often bite your tongue rather than draw attention to others’ shortcomings.  But this isn’t a trait that your Virgo child has inherited from you and they won’t hesitate to point out everybody’s mistakes and failings – yours included! 

* If you’re the Libra mother of a Virgo child, you’ll teach them the good manners to keep their criticisms to themselves rather than cause disharmony and offence. In turn you’ll learn from them that sometimes it’s better to confront things that are wrong, whatever the consequences, rather than sweeping them under the rug.

* If you’re a Libra father it will please you that your well behaved, hard working Virgo child reflects so well on you and doesn’t cause you any public embarrassment (your worst nightmare!). Of course it sometimes concerns you that they find it so hard to relax. But then who better than you to show them how to kick back and really enjoy life!

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