Libra Parent and Sagittarius Child

* As the Libra parent of a Sagittarius child, you’re united by your fair-mindedness – probably the most important quality you have passed onto them. Okay, this livewire kid is likely to get up to quite a lot of mischief. But they’ll respond well to discipline if your reasons are just and convincing.

* Your little Sagittarian is a daring and adventurous child who gets a big thrill out of taking a gamble, especially if it involves an element of danger. You on the other hand prefer to carefully weigh the odds, carefully comparing the different options, before committing to any action.

* This makes for problems when your Sagittarius child is raring to go while you’re endlessly procrastinating about whether or not to let them. But if you can help them to think before diving headfirst into perilous waters, you’ll make a very good parent-child team.

* If you’re a Libra mother and you’re hoping your Sagittarian child will be a lifelong companion and confidant, better lower your expectations fast! This freedom loving youngster will be out of the door just as soon as their little legs will carry them and when the time comes for them to leave home (which generally happens quite early on) they won’t look back twice.

* If you’re a Libra father, raising your kids to be polite and well mannered is a top parenting priority for you. You’ll have a big battle on your hands though, in trying to curb your fearsomely honest Sagittarius child’s blunt outspokenness. Because your usual nicey-nicey approach won’t work here, you’ll need to toughen up a bit!

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