Leo Parent and Scorpio Child

* As the Leo parent of a Scorpio child, be prepared for a rather bumpy ride! Avoiding head-on clashes with this powerful youngster should be your main priority in this rather challenging relationship.

* Instinctively you sense you’ll need to tread carefully with your little Scorpio. There’s a mystique or secretiveness about them that makes it hard for you to know what they’re really feeling and they’re easily upset for reasons you can’t always understand. Clearly they haven’t inherited your openness, nor your perpetually sunny nature. On the other hand, their emotions are much deeper and richer than your own.

* As two Fixed signs, your mutual stubbornness can result in tense, long-running stand-offs when both of you want your own way. It’s your Scorpio child, though, who will usually win out in the end: you’re no match for their stealthy, cleverly manipulative fighting style.

* If you’re a Leo mother, you will win your Scorpio child’s lifelong love and trust through your unwavering belief in them, come what may. Your outstanding loyalty and commitment are the most important qualities you have passed onto them. Despite your frequent emotional misunderstandings, both of you know you’ll never let the other one down.

* If you’re a Leo father, you’ll recognize your own strength of will in this highly determined youngster but in a more intense and inflexible form. If you play the paternal power card too often and too harshly, you’ll provoke a furious resentment in your Scorpio child that will be hard to heal.

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