Leo Parent and Pisces Child

* As the Leo parent of a Pisces child, you’ll need to treat this wonderfully sensitive little soul very gently and caringly in order to bring out the best in them and encourage them to reach their full potential in life.

* Nobody believes in their kids as passionately as you, which is a marvellous thing for a little Pisces whose self-belief tends to be on the low side. Your unconditional Leo love and loyalty will do wonders in boosting their confidence and strengthening their fragile ego. But don’t put too much pressure on them to succeed, because if they can’t make it, they’ll hate themselves for disappointing you.

* The two of you are quite different, of course. While you love being center stage, they prefer hanging out on the sidelines. While making a name for yourself is important to you, they’re happiest when they’re helping other people.  

* But one thing you have passed onto your little Pisces is your deep sense of wonder and excitement about life and your desire to make it a truly magical experience. Because you too are still a big kid at heart, you’ll love joining in their imaginative games and story telling.

* If you’re a Leo mother or father, you hope your inborn energy and ambitiousness will inspire your kids to follow your example and aim for the top in life. However, this won’t be easy for your Pisces child. They simply don’t have the same kind of get-up-and-go as you, the same competitive instinct, or the same sense of certainty about where they’re headed.

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