Leo Parent and Libra Child

* As the Leo parent of a Libra child, you may think you have the upper hand in this relationship, but in reality you couldn’t be more wrong!

* Like the proud Leo parent you are, you’ll love showing off your Libra child to all and sundry. Their dazzling charm, their cute good looks and their people pleasing manners will reflect well on you and everyone will know where they got them from!

* But although they may appear to be all sweetness and light, your Libra child is also a little player who instinctively knows how to schmooze you into giving them everything they want. Are you susceptible to flattery, Leo? If so this clever youngster will happily play on it in order to wrap you round their little finger!

* If you’re the Leo mother of a Libra child, you’ll need to learn to keep a check on your drama queen antics. When you throw a hissy fit you know it’s all hot air, but to your little Libra it’s very real and very scary. Because they’re so deeply sensitive to disharmony, they’re more easily upset than you might think from their perpetually smiley face.

* If you’re a Leo father you’re faced with a parenting dilemma. On the one hand you want to be a fun dad and good friend to your kids, which is exactly what your Libra child wants most from you. But there’s another more authoritarian side to you that needs to be respected and obeyed and won’t be happy if you treat this youngster as too much of an equal.

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