Leo Parent and Gemini Child

* As the Leo parent of a Gemini child, you will be delighted to discover they have inherited your friendly, outgoing personality and your huge love of fun!

* If, like most Leos, you’re still a big kid at heart, you’ll have a great time playing with your little Gemini like two children together. But then what happens when they’re naughty and you need to show them who’s the adult? Being both a playmate and an effective parent to your Gemini child won’t be easy!

* If your Leonine ego would benefit from a bit of deflation, your irreverent Gemini child’s merciless teasing will do a good job of bringing you down a peg or two. No chance of taking yourself too seriously with this cheeky youngster around. They’ll giggle at your over-the-top dramatics and if you get too pompous they’ll put you smartly in your place.

* If you’re a Leo mother of a Gemini child, do them a favor by dropping the histrionics and showing them your steady side. Your dependability, stability and consistency are exactly what this excitable little livewire most needs to calm their high-strung nerves.

* If you’re an ambitious Leo father, don’t worry, your Gemini child will make you proud eventually. But their dilettante approach to life means there’s likely to be a lot of chopping and changing of direction along the way. They may not have inherited your single-mindedness and famous sticking power, but that’s more than made up for by their amazing versatility.

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