Leo Parent and Cancer Child

* As the Leo parent of a Cancer child, don’t make the classic mistake of projecting your personal ambitions onto your offspring, as this youngster may be ill-equipped to fulfill them.

* While you’re one of the most confident and outgoing of all the Star Signs, your Cancer child is one of the shiest and most diffident. For this reason, pushing them out into the world when they’d rather just stay home would be as unkind as it is unhelpful.

* It’s in your nature, Leo, to want to be able to ‘fix’ everything for your kids, so it’s fitting that your Cancer child longs to be protected and is happy to let you look after everything for them. But is being a fixer parent really in this youngster’s best interests? Or is it just a way of taking away their independence while massaging your own ego?

* If you’re the Leo mother of a highly sensitive Cancer child, understanding their mood swings may give you a few headaches. Because they haven’t inherited your emotionally demonstrative personality, you’ll have to learn the art of intuitively sensing into their feelings, in the same way they can sense into yours.

* If you’re a Leo father, you’re a dynamic, go-getting role model, but one which your Cancer child may find hard to live up to. Seeing their name in lights isn’t important to them in the same way it is to you. A happy home and a loving family mean more to them than all the fame and glory in the world.

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