Leo Parent and Aquarius Child

* As the Leo parent of an Aquarius child, you’ll be forced to adopt a rather less me-centered and rather more egalitarian outlook on life if you want a harmonious relationship with this forward-thinking kid.

* Standing out from the crowd and being seen as ‘somebody special’ has always been important to you, Leo. But although your Aquarius child is definitely special, because they’re more of a team player than a ‘lone star’ they don’t need – or want – the same kind of personal recognition as you.

* Although it goes against your nature, don’t make too much of a fuss of your Aquarius child, downplay the compliments, and avoid bragging to your friends about their talents and accomplishments. You believe lots of praise makes a kid feel good, but it’s more likely to make your little Aquarius feel rather uncomfortable.

* If you’re the Leo mother of an Aquarius child, getting a strong emotional response from this cool-headed youngster won’t be easy! Because they haven’t inherited your warm and fiery passion, it takes an awful lot to get them excited about anything, no matter how enthusiastically you showcase it. Your Aquarius child’s emotional detachment is something you may find quite hard to come to terms with.

* If you’re a Leo father, because you tend to see your kids as an extension of yourself, you take all their successes – and screw-ups – extremely personally. Your brilliant but unconventional Aquarius child will give you plenty of reasons to feel proud, but their rebellious ways may also cause you some embarrassment!

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