Gemini Parent and Scorpio Child

* As the Gemini parent of a Scorpio child, you may need to take a course in psychology to understand this complex youngster, whose ways and needs are so very different to your own!

* If you’re a typical Gemini, you’re not a particularly profound thinker and your emotions are more of the transient than the long-lasting kind. In this respect your Scorpio child is the complete opposite: their little mind wants to get right down to the bottom of everything and their feelings are deeper and more intense than any other Star Sign. Don’t assume you’ll ever be able to fob off your Scorpio child with superficialities. Both mentally and emotionally they’re going to expect a lot more from you.

* Cultivating this youngster’s trust may be a challenge for you, Gemini, unless you make a point of always carrying through on your promises and doing exactly what you say you’re going to do. The things your Scorpio child wants most from you are consistency and honesty and if they don’t get them, they won’t award you many parenting brownie points.

* If you’re the Gemini mother of a Scorpio child, to give this sensitive kid the emotional support they badly need, you’ll need to brush up on your empathy skills, which may not come naturally to you.

* If you’re a Gemini father, to earn your Scorpio child’s respect you should make an effort to at least appear to take life more seriously than you naturally tend to do. A clown or a joker isn’t their idea of the ideal father.

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