Gemini Parent and Cancer Child

* As the Gemini parent of a Cancer child, you may have to work hard at cultivating some parenting techniques you’re not instinctively familiar with!

* This is a sensitive youngster with a personality in some ways totally opposite to your own, and rather different nurturing needs than may come naturally to you. As a Gemini, building a strong mental connection with your child is your first and most instinctive parenting priority. But what your Cancer child most wants from you is a close and intimate emotional bond of the kind that’s so important to Water signs, but which Air signs like you generally prefer to avoid.

* Your little Cancerian hasn’t inherited your ability to laugh off your cares and worries and keep a sensible check on your feelings. While you never take anything, including yourself, too seriously, the challenges of life weigh heavily on their young shoulders and they can’t help but wear their heart on their sleeve.  

* A Gemini mother will often have problems understanding why their Cancer child is so moody and quickly upset and can’t easily be comforted by logical reassurance. Although it may make you feel uncomfortable, sometimes you just have to let your Cancer child have a good sob.

* A typical Gemini father’s need to be socially active and get out of the house means he’s rarely the homebody type. That’s bad news for his Cancer child who more than anything wants him to be the kind of dad who’s always there for them.

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