Gemini Parent and Aries Child

* As the Gemini parent of an Aries child, you can look forward to a lively and highly stimulating relationship which should keep you forever young!

* Because you have passed on to them your irrepressible spirit of curiosity, your child and you will enjoy learning many fascinating new things together. While you’re a clever and enthusiastic teacher, your Aries child is an eager and quick-thinking pupil, so in that sense you’re ideally matched.

* Your Aries child has definitely inherited your high-octane energy, maybe even a tendency towards hyper-activity. Both of you find it hard to keep still for a minute, in your case mentally (as you’re an Air sign) and in their case physically (as they’re a Fire sign). The good news is you’ll never get bored with this child, nor they with you. But the lack of calm, stability and consistency in your interaction can be a source of trouble at times.

* If you’re the Gemini mother of an Aries child, mutual over-excitability is a potential problem you’ll need to watch out for to avoid bickering matches and to keep your nerves in good shape and your stress levels low.

* If you’re a freewheeling Gemini father, thankfully your Aries child isn’t the kind to impose too many restrictions on you or your busy social life. This independent youngster can manage perfectly well without much paternal input since they prefer navigating their own way through the maze of life to being constantly told what to do.

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