Capricorn Parent and Virgo Child

* As the Capricorn parent of a Virgo child, you’ll be proud of this conscientious youngster’s strong work ethic, but you’ll need to be careful not to push them too hard.

* Because they’ve inherited your down to earth, highly responsible outlook on life, your Virgo child is unlikely to confront you with any unpleasant surprises during their upbringing. In fact they’ll probably be just as well behaved and hard working as you were at their age.

* Inevitably though, there’s also going to be an overdose of seriousness and dutifulness in your parent-child relationship. Trying too hard – in your case to be a good parent and in your little Virgo’s case to be a good child – could take a lot of the fun out of what should really be a very happy time for you both. Try to relax and lighten up a little Capricorn, and your Virgo child will follow suit.

* If you’re the Capricorn mother of a Virgo child, prudence is your common strength, but over-cautiousness is your shared weakness. Try not to affirm and strengthen this under-confident youngster’s fears and anxieties by telling them always to be careful. What they really need from you is encouragement to take a few sensible little risks.

* If you’re a Capricorn father you’re a hard task master to your kids and you expect them to live up to your high standards. But because your Virgo child is a compulsive perfectionist and their own hardest task master, any further pressure from dad will do far more harm than good.    

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