Capricorn Parent and Taurus Child

* As the Capricorn parent of a Taurus child, it’s not hard to see the two of you are cut from the same cloth!

* Because you’re both Earth signs, you will find your Taurus child shares your commonsense, feet-on-the-ground outlook on life and admirably persevering approach to problem solving. Never quitting or giving up runs in the family! But also like you, this safety-conscious youngster can be rather overly cautious at times. Although it goes against your nature, encouraging them to take a few healthy little risks will be very good for them.

* Your Taurus child has also inherited your material ambitiousness and desire to be financially successful in life. What you haven’t passed on to them though (whether for good or for bad) is your strong work ethic. For Taurus pleasure always takes precedence over toil, while for Capricorn work comes before everything.

* If you’re a Capricorn mother, by running a calm and well organized household with regular mealtimes and bedtimes and no disruptive surprises, you’ll provide your young Bull with the solid foundation they need to develop strong self-esteem and emotional security.

* If you’re the Capricorn father of a Taurus child, perhaps you’ll help this easygoing youngster to overcome their lazy streak by teaching them they’ll never get rich without putting in a lot of effort. Or perhaps they’ll persuade you to slack off a bit and get more enjoyment out of life before it’s too late! A hedonistic Taurus child is the perfect antidote to an overly conscientious Capricorn parent!

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