Capricorn Parent and Scorpio Child

* As the Capricorn parent of a Scorpio child, you’ll recognize some of your finest qualities in this capable and courageous youngster. But there’s also another side to their personality that may seem quite alien to you.

* Just like you, your Scorpio child is destined to be one of life’s great survivors. No matter how daunting the challenges they’re faced with, they have the necessary grit and determination to successfully overcome them, however long it may take. Defeat isn’t a word you recognize in your family!

* Disciplining your kids is important to you, but won’t be easy in the case of a Scorpio child. You can expect ongoing battles of will with this powerful youngster as they try to resist your authority and control. Thank goodness for your Capricorn patience – you’ll need a lot of it here!

* If you’re the Capricorn mother of a Scorpio child, just because they do a good job of putting on a brave face like you do, don’t assume they don’t feel things very deeply. Their self-control masks a highly sensitive nature, which you shouldn’t ignore if you want to establish a strong emotional bond with them.

* If you’re an ambitious Capricorn father, you’ll be relieved to discover your Scorpio child sets even higher standards for themselves, forever raising the bar higher and higher to prove their mettle – both to you and to themselves. With you urging them on from the sidelines, they’re capable of some extraordinary achievements. But by constantly encouraging them to push themselves to the limit, you risk undermining their health and wellbeing.

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