Capricorn Parent and Cancer Child

* As the Capricorn parent of a Cancer child, one of your main priorities will be to prepare them to fend successfully for themselves in life. However, this may be rather more challenging than you might imagine, since they will probably take longer to stand on their own two feet than you ever did.

* More than most other children, a little Cancerian needs a parent who will take their child rearing responsibilities exceptionally seriously – and in this regard you don’t disappoint. Nobody else goes to greater efforts to do the right thing by their kids. But what exactly is ‘the right thing’ in the case of your Cancer child?

* You understand that this unusually gentle kid requires your protection and as a pragmatic Earth sign, your first instinct is to provide amply for their material needs. But to feel well cared for, they also need your full emotional support and commitment. Without it they’ll always feel neglected in some way.

* If you’re the Capricorn mother of a Cancer child, your no-nonsense nurturing style will need softening up to be acceptable to this emotionally needy and affection-hungry kid. To prove to them you love them, tell them so every day and give them plenty of hugs and kisses.

* If you’re a Capricorn father, you understand why your little Cancerian is so shy and reticent, because you used to be just the same yourself. You also know from your own experience why it’s important to build their self-confidence. So don’t go over the top in warning them to ‘be careful’ and instead encourage them to ‘have a go’!

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