Capricorn Parent and Aquarius Child

* As the Capricorn parent of an Aquarius child, you’re going to have to revise many of your most important values, especially those which might be considered rather overly conservative, if you want your relationship with this forward-thinking youngster to be a good one.

* Making long-term plans and bringing them to fulfillment is important to you, Capricorn. That’s fine, but don’t make the mistake of trying to impose them on your Aquarius child. Because their freedom is so important to them, they don’t want anyone – not even their parent – dictating how their life is going to be. Actually they’re so perverse that if you push them in one direction, they’ll deliberately go the opposite way!

* If you’re a typical Capricorn you tend to be relatively old-fashioned in your habits and beliefs. But your little Aquarius hasn’t inherited your traditional mindset. As soon as they start thinking for themselves (which is likely to happen at a precociously young age), they’ll throw buckets of scorn on your conservative ideas and ways of doing things. Better keep up with the times Capricorn, to appear cool and with-it to your Aquarius child.

* If you’re a Capricorn mother, you’ve always hated drawing unwelcome attention to yourself. But you’ll have to get used to feeling regularly embarrassed by the outrageous antics of your non-conformist Aquarius child!

* If you’re a Capricorn father, avoid disciplining your Aquarius child too harshly. Getting them to obey your rules won’t be easy – but you’ll have more chance if you produce a convincing logical argument than just lay down the law.

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