Cancer Parent and Virgo Child

* As the Cancer parent of a little Virgo, you have a child who shares many of your most cherished values and in years to come will try their best to look after you just as dutifully as you have cared for them.

* Here you’re blessed with a child who’s a dream to bring up and will never give you the kind of parenting anxieties that kids born under more challenging Star Signs might tend to do. That’s fortunate, because you’re normally a big worrier about your family’s wellbeing and safety.

* Like you, your Virgo child is also prone to worrying a lot, although in their case it’s more about not doing things as well as they could do. Bear in mind that by staying calm and keeping your own nerves under control, you’ll be helping them to do likewise.

* If you’re the Cancer mother of a Virgo child, be aware that they haven’t inherited your extreme sensitivity. Because their temperament is much more pragmatic and rational than yours, they may find it hard to understand your emotional ups and downs and may respond with critical put-downs. Sadly for you, they’re not the most demonstratively affectionate of kids. Too many hugs and kisses make them feel uncomfortable.  

* If you’re the Cancer father of a Virgo child, beware over-protecting this youngster to such an extent that you weaken their drive to succeed under their own steam in the world. They won’t always have you by their side, so prepare them now to cope when that day comes by giving them a bigger fatherly push than comes naturally to you.

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