Cancer Parent and Sagittarius Child

* As the Cancer parent of a Sagittarius child, get set for a big jolt out of your comfort zone! This adventurous youngster will widen your horizons in ways that require some adjustment on your part.

* It’s a natural instinct of Cancer parents to care especially lovingly for their offspring and keep them very close. After all, you are the prime nurturers of the Zodiac! For a slightly vulnerable kind of kid, having a super-protective parent like you is likely to be a great blessing. But a more independent one who hates being fussed over is likely to feel suffocated at times.

* Because they’re an eternal optimist, your Sagittarius child won’t have much sympathy for your fears for their safety, and if they think you’re going too far, you’ll find they can be extremely bluntly outspoken in telling you so. Although warmly affectionate at heart, this child finds sentimentality very uncomfortable.

* If you’re the Cancer mother of a Sagittarius child, although it goes against your instincts, you’ll have to allow them plenty of leeway. This liberty loving youngster doesn’t want to be tied to your apron strings and will be straining on the leash to run wild and free just as soon as they can stand on their own little feet.

* If you’re a Cancer father, creating a secure home and a close-knit family clan is probably one of your chief life priorities. In both these respects your Sagittarius child is quite the opposite, though. Because they’re a commitment-averse wanderer at heart, don’t expect them to want to settle down at an early age.

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