Cancer Parent and Libra Child

* As the Cancer parent of a Libra child, you’re likely to enjoy a harmonious relationship based on a genuine desire to make each other happy, avoid conflict, and build a strong emotional bond that will endure throughout your lives.

* Your Libra child’s calm and equable temperament is a good balance for your more emotionally volatile Water sign nature. When you’re moody or upset, this level-headed youngster knows exactly what to say to get you smiling again.

* Because you’re each other’s trusted confidant, there’s not much the two of you feel you can’t share with each other. The only exception is emotionally challenging topics you fear will be too upsetting for the other to handle. You try to spare your Libra child having to confront anything at all unpleasant, while they try to spare you from worrying excessively. But don’t let this allow important issues to get swept under the rug.

* If you’re a Cancer mother, you want – and expect – to be the most important person in your little one's life. But the time will soon arrive when you’ll have to make way for their best friend (and later on their significant other), and it will be harder to bear the more possessive or needy you are of your Libra child.

* If you’re a super-caring Cancer father of a typically laid-back Libra child, be careful not to make their life too easy and comfortable by over-funding them, over-protecting them and making all of their decisions for them. Most little Libras have a lazy streak which is exacerbated by an over-indulgent dad.

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