Cancer Parent and Cancer Child

* As the Cancer parent of a Cancer child, you’ll find it easy to understand where this delightfully gentle youngster is coming from since you have so many personality traits in common.

* Been there, done that, got the teeshirt! As you accompany your little Cancerian on their path through life, you will know exactly how to deal with their fears and vulnerabilities, since you’ve experienced all of them during your own childhood – and found smart ways of overcoming them.

* There’s no greater blessing for a Cancer parent than to have a child like this one who shares their deep love and appreciation of home and family. If expanding your clan is important to you, the chances are good that your Cancer child will eventually make you a proud and happy grandparent. A love of kids runs in the family!

* If you’re a Cancer mother of a Cancer child, you’ll do a great job of fulfilling their nurturing needs because you intuitively sense what they want from you even without the need for words. Sometimes though, when you’re both hurting, you two Crabs will retreat into your shells rather than reach out to each other for love and comfort. A double dose of Cancerian energy means both of you can be too sensitive and too moody at times.

* If you’re a Cancerian father, your wish for a child who would follow in your footsteps, uphold family traditions and adhere to the same kind of conservative life values, has been well and truly fulfilled here. Like father, like child!

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