Cancer Parent and Aries Child

* As the Cancer parent of an Aries child, you may have to be ready to cut the apron strings and let go rather earlier than you would really like!

* Most Cancerians have kids because they dream of creating a close-knit family whom they can rely on for mutual love and support throughout their lives. However, making that dream come true depends on their children wanting the same thing, and that’s unlikely to be the case with a fiercely independent child like an Aries.

* A Cancerian’s powerful nurturing drive is another important reason for them starting a family. Having a helpless little human being to tenderly care for is a wonderful outlet for their protective instincts. The only problem here is that an Aries child won’t remain helpless for very long since they can’t wait to stand on their own feet.

* If you’re a Cancer mother, to cultivate a good relationship with your Aries child keep the following in mind: Don’t suffocate them with smother love, which is this youngster’s worst nightmare. Avoid too much schmaltz and sentimentality, which tend to make them squirm. Finally, never ‘baby’ them in front of their friends, which causes them to feel horribly embarrassed.

* If you’re the Cancer father of an Aries child, your key function is to tone down this lively youngster’s inborn impetuosity without killing their spirit of adventure. Constantly warning them to ‘take care’ won’t go down well. Focus instead on just being a good personal role model for the merits of prudence and caution.

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