Aries Parent and Taurus Child

* As the Aries parent of a Taurus child, the main thing you’ll notice is that they have a much slower, more cautious and more laid-back outlook on life than yourself.

* Quite clearly your Taurus child hasn’t inherited your high-speed tempo or your love of risk taking. They may also be rather less physically energetic and active than yourself. This wonderfully solid, well grounded kid stubbornly refuses to be hurried, and insists on thinking things through very carefully before taking any kind of move. For a livewire, highly spontaneous Aries parent, this can be incredibly irritating at times!

 * Try slowing down your normal fast pace and swapping some of your precious me-time for more quality family time to give your Taurus child the emotional security they need to make them feel truly loved and valued, but which may not be so important to you.

* If you’re an Aries mother you’re probably not a natural born nurturer and perhaps also not so touchy-feely as your warm hearted little Taurus. To satisfy their insatiable hunger for demonstrative affection, you may need to give them more hugs and kisses than comes instinctively to you.

* If you’re an Aries father and typical of your Star Sign you will have strict ideas about discipline, along with quite a short fuse. But shouting at your sweet natured Taurus child is neither necessary nor effective, and you’ll soon discover that one big cuddle works better at persuading them to comply with your wishes than a whole torrent of angry words!

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