Aries Parent and Scorpio Child

* As the Aries parent of a Scorpio child, you have quite a challenge on your hands because in this case it’s not only your differences but also your similarities that are potential sources of trouble!

* The main contrast between the two of you is that your Scorpio child is a much more emotionally sensitive and vulnerable individual than you are, although they will rarely show it. What you do have in common, though, is an exceptionally strong warrior spirit.

* You’ll be immensely proud of the courage and determination this youngster shows in overcoming trouble and adversity – a quality they have definitely inherited from you. But their fighting style is less likely to meet with your approval. While you always fight clean and fair, their tactics are far more sneaky (and actually much cleverer!) than yours.

* If you’re the Aries mother of a Scorpio daughter, you will need to cultivate more empathy than comes naturally to you in order to successfully handle their frequent emotional ups and downs and mood swings. Learning to listen (not your strong point) is likely to be your greatest challenge here.

* If you’re an Aries father of a Scorpio son, you’ll need a lot of self-control to avoid getting drawn into protracted and potentially very nasty power battles. Allowing your child to get the better of you isn’t in your nature. But such is the strength and persistence of your Scorpio child’s willpower, you’ll find it very hard to resist it.

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