Aries Parent and Sagittarius Child

* As the Aries parent of a Sagittarius child, you’ll find the two of you have so much in common it’s like bringing up a little clone of yourself! When a parent and child share the same astrological Element, in this case Fire, they find it easy to relate to each other’s basic temperament and general outlook on life.

* This high-spirited youngster has inherited many of your finest qualities. Like you they were born with a fierce sense of personal independence and a burning desire for adventure. Also like you, they have an unshakeable honesty that prevents them from ever acting in a deceitful or underhanded way.

* If you’re the Aries mother of a Sagittarius child, they’ll be deeply thankful you’re not the ‘smother love’ type. Even when very small, they hate being babied, fussed around or over-protected and they don’t want you constantly asking them if they’re doing okay.

* If you’re an Aries father you make a big point of encouraging your kids to exercise and keep fit, and you enjoy joining them in vigorous outdoor games. You’ll never let your Sagittarius child become a couch potato, and as they grow older they won’t allow you to turn into one either.

* It’s like parent, like child when it comes to grabbing life by the horns, having the courage to take a few risks, and accepting the rough with the smooth without wimpering if something goes wrong. Both physically and emotionally the two of you are made of tough stuff. But mutual empathy isn’t your strongest point!

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